Monday, March 16, 2009

Damn Good Marketing

"Marketing is what you do when your product is no good."
- Edwin Land, scientist and inventor

For those of you who don't know, I have been working for the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland for just over four months now. In my time there I've done a fair amount of work with the Cleveland Browns, what with them being our next-door neighbors, literally, it's hard not to have interaction. A fine group of people, I must say, and more so after the events that transpired today.

They sent me a free Browns hoodie.

That's the hook. Right there.

I'm not a sports fan. I can watch sports and comment intelligently (unless I'm watching with my cousin or with Barnes - the latter has a blog completely dedicated to the topic), but I definitely do not look forward to Sunday afternoons sitting in front of my new plasma TV for hours on end watching game after game after game. Not necessarily my idea of paradise, unlike others I might name.

So I get this package sitting at my desk first thing in the morning today. Upon discovery of my new-found outerwear, my heart is immediately warmed. BAM! Mission accomplished. That's the best form of marketing I've seen in years. It should be every PR and marketing professional's goal to create that heart-warming feeling within their target audience.

My perception of the Browns brand prior to this - crappy team going through change.

My perception of the Browns brand since this - crappy team going through change...whose games I may or may not attend next season.

OK, so maybe they didn't exactly change my perception of the team, but it did make me feel more inclined to go to a game next season.

Now that's just damn good marketing.


Paul Matson said...

Sounds like you have a soft spot for swag! That hoodie probably retails for $30-$40... congrats, buddy. I always feel the same way when a business partner does something small. I received an high-end Ohio University pen (gift wrapped) last quarter from the marketing dept. and felt extra special.

It's amazing how little gestures go a long way. Next time ask them for tickets!

A Freebird said...

$45 retail value
XL = extra fabric