Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wild at Heart

"And die of nothing but a rage to live."
-Alexander Pope

What is the purpose of this exact moment of your existence? Not today. Not tomorrow. NOW!

I know what some of you are thinking - "Oh God, this is so f-in cliche." Some people already probably navigated away from this page. I'm over it...

But sometimes we just get so embroiled in the petty aspects of our lives that we forget to think about the bigger picture...we forget to philosophize every now and then. A little philosophy every now and then never killed anybody...I hope.

I think the new song by Gloriana - and subsequently the title of this post - sums up a certain aspect of what life is. While many of us may not be able to do the things we've always wanted to do - travel to Italy, buy a beach house, marry the man or woman of our dreams - it's important to stay wild at heart.

The way I interpret it is this: Don't lose that child-like quality of reckless abandon. Just roll with it.

Think about the ocean. Ebbing and flowing and roiling with the tides, it never stops moving. Constant motion, not standing for any interruptions, like the flow of time it rolls on. Yet we seem to feel the need to segment it. We've assigned labels to each one - Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, etc. We name currents and can show on maps where they start and where they stop, when in fact they do neither.

It's all interconnected. It's all one giant ocean, not separate entities or stopping and starting points. Each drop of water is just as important as the next. Where one wave ends another begins. When that wave crashes into the Atlantic shoreline, droplets of water are pulled underneath the next incoming wave and flow back out to sea. Maybe those droplets will end up in the Caribbean or move north to freeze in the Arctic. It doesn't matter. It all flows together. As one body. The master of fluidity - in effect being the definition of the word.

That's what we need to be. We need to be fluid. Relaxed. Wild like the ocean. We need to learn to just roll with it. Kind of like this video from a couple years ago - sorry about it being sideways (DISCLAIMER: this was NOT me! haha)-

OK, back to serious contemplation..... :)

When you get mad or sad, it's as a result of something. Something causes you to feel that emotion. When we feel either of those emotions, it's because we wish something wouldn't have happened the way it did. We wish it could have been different so we wouldn't feel that emotion. Someone offends you. Someone doesn't do something you think they should do. Someone ignores you. Someone dies.

Ever present. That's what we have to strive to be. Resist the incessant chatter of our minds and truly, truly live in the moment. As I've said before, it is what it is, so just roll with it.

Because we all need to just free fall for a while.

So stay child-like. Stay a little bit reckless.

Stay wild at heart.

Oh, and don't forget to crank that.

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TonySylvester said...

I completely agree. Very inspiring Jeff, but also very funny made me laugh... "Some people already probably navigated away from this page. I'm over it..."...epic!