Sunday, April 26, 2009

$2100 In 21 Days

"Impossible is nothing."
- Muhammad Ali

Can it be done? You have to decide...

I am raising money for the Organization for Autism Research (OAR) by running the Cleveland Marathon on May 17. Recent statistics tell us that autism strikes 1 in 150 children born these days. Four years ago it was 1 in 166. Fifteen years ago it was 1 in 500. Twenty-four years ago it was 1 in 5,000. The situation is worsening, which is why research needs to match the pace at which this brain disorder's diagnoses are increasing. We need your help - and that's no lie.

OAR is an organization that allows runners to help their cause by obtaining friends' and family members' financial support through online donations. You can see mine at (or click on the widget in the right sidebar).

Things to watch out for on this blog in the coming week(s):
  • An update on how I will cut my hair for race day based on how much money is raised
  • An update on calling out Twitter celebrities to match the amount of money raised at the end (a long shot, but it can't hurt the cause - only embarrass me, which I can handle)
  • Weekly updates on my "training" and how well it's going...similar to what you just watched
Follow me on Twitter @JHirz for more updates as the weeks progress leading up to the Cleveland Marathon.


Matt Barnes said...

First off, you're a dork and I can't believe we are friends. Secondly, you're a dork and I can't believe you have friends at all. Finally, I get paid this Friday. Expect a healthy donation from yours truly (thanks to my tax refund).

Good luck bud. See ya in 5 weeks.

Raymond said...

I concur with Barnes' first and second points. Also, I like your kitchen. And Barnes (I hope you read this), I'm glad you feel the need to comment that you are going to make a "healthy donation" so everyone knows what an amazing human you are. I may or may not donate that is between me and "the kids."

Jess Donlon said...

Oh my goodness Hirz,(Barnes and Raymond's comments too... wow) I love you. :) Hope you are having fun with these bad boys, and that you aren't really running a 16 min/mile.

Good luck!

Mostar said...

HA! That vid is awesome! I loved it. Some of my Cleve friends are running the half, too ... which is amazing but hilarious b/c I think some of them started at 16 minute miles... for real.